When Love and Fashion Unite!

It was a perfect day in Napa Valley. Jeremy had a couple of wine tastings planned but wouldn’t give me too much information. He really liked this Alex + Alex white dress, I had worn the same dress for my birthday and he had one request that I wear the dress! Didn’t seem odd at the time.

Domaine Carneros [Photo by Nead Photography]
Our car arrived to pick us up for the tastings. We got to the first winery, Domaine Carneros. It was breathtakingly beautiful. We had a little table in the corner by the courtyard. Jeremy seemed distracted and like he was looking for something. I asked him what he was looking for, he said he was just looking around.

The Proposal in the Alex + Alex Dress! [Photo by Nead Photography]
Then he asked if I wanted to look at the scenery. We got up and walked into the courtyard, across the lush green lawns and to the edge looking over the valley. As we were talking, he left my hand, started walking backwards and dropped down to one knee! That’s when I realized what was happening!

Ecstatic! [Photo by Nead Photography]
I honestly didn’t hear a word he said, proof is that I said ‘Yes, Yes, yes’, even before he asked me the question! He replied with ‘I haven’t asked the question yet.’ I was crying, tears of complete joy! He asked the question, I said yes 🙂 That’s when I saw the photographer. Jeremy was looking for him earlier. All the pieces fell into place!

Happiness! [Photo by Nead Photography]
I immediately started saying ‘oh my mascara, is it all over my face, I don’t want to ruin the pictures!’ He then wiped my tears away. It was all perfect!

[Photo by Nead Photography]
I was really happy he picked out my dress! This piece is not the most precious piece in my wardrobe 😀 White was the perfect color. This is such a pretty dress with the detailing at the neckline and the gorgeous cutout in the back.

I Said Yes! [Photo by Nead Photography]
I kept the look casual with the wedge sandals and added a touch of color with the Marc Jacobs crossbody.

Our Magical Moment! [Photo by Nead Photography]
I have accessorized with a Michael Kors watch, an Anthropologie and Loft bracelets.

Michael Kors Watch [Photo by Nead Photography]
Close-Up of the Back!
Frye Sandals
Marc Jacobs Purse
Posing! [Photo by Nead Photography]
More Posing! [Photo by Nead Photography]
Loft and Anthropologie Bracelet [Photo by Nead Photography]
I have one more look for this dress and that will be coming soon!

I hope you liked this post, it’s the one closest to my heart!

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