When Jeans Come True!

Bespoke, seems rather fancy and oh so expensive! Sene turns that thinking on its head! Sene creates bespoke essentials for everyday life. I am going to walk you through my experience with my first ever bespoke pair of jeans. Hint hint, I am never going back!

Sene Bespoke Jeans
Sene Bespoke Jeans

About Sene

Sene’s mission statement is:

“To use elevated design to empower people of all shapes, colors, and sizes to feel their best.”

The collection is designed in Los Angeles. It is made with Japanese and Italian materials, and cut from scratch to fit each person’s preferences. Ray Li and Mark Zheng are the partners behind Sene. Sene started in Ray’s studio apartment. They wanted to redefine the traditional fashion industry which is built on the so called perfect body type and custom made clothes cost a fortune. Their clothing is made of top quality material in ethical workplaces.

Sene Jeans Look Great from All Angles
Sene Jeans Look Great from All Angles
The Back fits perfectly! Paired with a Tuckernuck Shirt.
The Back fits perfectly! Paired with a Tuckernuck Shirt.

I recently pivoted from fast fashion to sustainable fashion. After researching the fashion industry I realized I was contributing to the problem and I wanted to change that. So when I read about Sene I was even more excited that their clothes were not only bespoke but they were ethically made too. Their jeans are timeless, so even though they might not be cheap (in the traditional sense of the word), they really are not expensive! More on that later.

My Experience

When I first read about Sene, I was excited, skeptical and not sure about how it would all turn out. I went onto their site and read about the entire process. I decided I would follow all the instructions and trust the process. I picked the Ever Jean, Dark Wash in High Rise.

I took the Smart Fit Quiz. It took me about 5 minutes, which honestly was not hard at all! Then I decided to answer sixteen questions (you can just take the Smart Fit quiz, which does not require a measuring tape). Make sure you have a measuring tape on hand. Here were the questions and my answers:

  1. What’s your height?
    4 ft 11 in
  2. What’s your weight?
    108 lbs
  3. What size bottoms do you most commonly wear?
    Bottom size-0,Jean Waist-26
  4. Which best describes your lower body shape?
  5. Let’s talk about your tush. Which best describes your butt shape?
    Normal Seat
  6. How long would you like your denim to be?
  7. How high do you want the rise to be?
    High Rise
  8. Optional: Any final notes you want to share?
  9. Front Rise (how long you want your jeans to be in the front)
  10. Outseam (How long your jeans will be from the top of the waistband on the side to the bottom of the pants)
  11. Natural Waist measurement
  12. Hip measurement
  13. Widest part of the thigh
  14. Widest part of the knee
  15. Widest part of your calves
  16. Widest part of your ankles

I wanted to share my answers so that you could see the results. Now, there was no 4 ft 11.5 as an option so I took 4 ft 11 in 🙂

Sene Jeans Dressed up With a Tuckernuck Blouse
Sene Jeans Dressed up With a Tuckernuck Blouse

My account showed the progress of my pair of jeans. It went from Prep to Cut & Sew followed by Quality Check and finally Ship! The entire process took about 2.5 weeks. I was honestly not sure if I had the patience to wait 2.5 weeks fo the product. But that is honestly because of how fast fashion has primed us all. When you think about it, waiting 2.5 weeks for clothes that will fit perfectly is not hard. All you need to do is plan in advance if you think you want something and think about the bigger picture, you are contributing to making the planet a better place.

I received my jeans today, they fit like a glove! Need I say more 🙂 I know I don’t have to but I will 😛

I am a petite girl, my entire life my jeans had to be folded at the ankles. When I tried on my bespoke pair of Sene jeans, they fit, no alterations necessary, no having to compromise on the skinny effect being loose around my calf, they fit and they were perfect! The material felt good, the color was gorgeous. I already washed them and they are still perfect.

What if the fit isn’t perfect the first time?

Now mine was but I am sure there are folks that run into fit issues. They are definitely here to make sure you are 100% happy. You are covered by their 100% Fit Guarantee. Any alterations, remakes, exchanges and returns are free. Yes, that’s a 100% money back returns! Any necessary alterations & remakes are free if you complete a Fit Review within 60 days of receiving your order. If you change your mind for any reason you have 60 days to return the product.

Now isn’t that pretty awesome!

The Price

Now some folks might argue that they are pricey at about $149. But when I think about bespoke and ethical fashion that is done right, with quality material here is my rationale. You are paying for your jeans to last for a long time. If you were to divide that cost my the number of days you wear your jeans and then compare that to the pair that was far cheaper what do you think the result would be? I have never owned bespoke jeans but I have owned and still own bespoke dresses. My bespoke dresses that are timeless, have lasted me for easily 5 years, through various seasons and I still love them. I have some fast fashion items that did not last and they were on trend at the time and when the trend faded I didn’t want to wear them anymore.

The other point I would like to make, when your clothing is cheap someone pays for it. Yes its not you, but it’s that person making your clothes perhaps, it might be because the material is harmful to the environment and really are adding to the waste in this world. Yes you might not pay for it, but in the end it does still take a toll somewhere in the system.


As a previous fast fashion and fashion enthusiast, I am pivoting cold turkey. This pair of jeans only solidifies my stance and I am so happy with my decision.

If you would like to try out Sene, I would honestly say their product is well worth it and I will definitely go back! My experience was seamless and the perfect fit was the cherry on top!

I had so much fun shooting these pictures!
I had so much fun shooting these pictures!
This Gazebo Spot Was Awesome!
This Gazebo Spot Was Awesome!


I get commissions for purchases or clicks made through links and picture clicks in this post. This is a collaboration with Sene but all the opinions are my own.

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