Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, still wondering what to get her? Here are some ideas from me to you!

Valentine's Day!


Is she a foodie and likes to cook up a storm? If she likes fondue and doesn’t have a set get her one. You could also do some research and get her a nice fondue recipe book to go with it!
Does she love accessories and have many a jewelry box? Look at the type of jewelry she likes and try to find something similar 🙂 Too scared to pick something yourself? Her friend would be more than ready to help you! I’ve added some items below you could look at for ideas.
Is your girl into fashion and clothes? Try getting her a pretty outfit, a dress perhaps? When she is browsing online, pay attention to what she is looking at, perhaps you could get a couple of ideas. Worried she might not like something you pick? This leads to my next idea.
Get her a gift card! I’m sure you know her favorite store. If you don’t cheat and casually ask the question.
Loves her workouts? Fitbit or similar gadgets are a great present. Perhaps she can get you one too and you can do it together!
Wine connoisseur or would like to be one? A neat idea would be getting her a subscription to a good wine club. I use the Wall Street Journal wine club and I like it a lot. Another wine related idea would be buying tickets to a wine tasting event in your city. It’s a lot of fun!
She has a perfume collection? Perhaps get her a perfume sampler. This way she can try out different ones and maybe she will find her new favorite! Or if you know the one she likes, get it!
My personal favorite is buying tickets to a musical or a ballet! We went to the Book of Mormon last year as my Valentine’s day gift and it was amazing!
Chocolates! This is usually a good add on gift. An awesome box of chocolates is pretty much a slam dunk, unless you know she is not into chocolates 😉
Let me know your Valentine’s Day ideas!
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