The Choices for a Petite Bride To Be – 1

Being a bride to be is really exciting. When you love shopping, trying to find your wedding gown becomes your new favorite hobby! Summer is here and that means wedding season! So I wanted to share my tips and experiences as I went on my journey to say yes to a dress as a petite bride!

The Trumpet Style from BHLDN

Let me start by saying that wedding gown shopping for me was particularly hard. I had one key choice to make – Do I want to buy a designer wedding gown or do I want my mum to make my gown and have it be more special? I was honestly confused. So I decided to start looking at gowns, and if I really fell in love with one I would consider it.

BHLDN ($800-$4000)

I started out at BHLDN (pronounced beholden), Anthropoligie’s wedding store. I took my best friend. We walked in, were given champagne and a beautiful trial room. I really didn’t know what style I wanted so I decided to try them all. Initially I was fairly confident that a poofy cinderella gown would swallow a petite bride like me. BHLDN at the time didn’t have any ballroom style gowns. I started walking around the store collecting all the gowns I wanted to try on.

The best thing you can do for  yourself is start with an open mind.

I started with a lace sheath style gown. It was off white, had a deep back and a deep neckline covered with net. I liked it but I knew it wasn’t the one.

If you know it isn’t the one, set it aside and move on!

Then I tried on the trumpet dress. The moment I stood up on the stand in front of the 3 mirrors I felt like a bride! The dress elongated my petite frame, the belt gave me definition and best of all it made me feel amazing! So I hung it up in the keepers section. I would be trying it on again!

Do a second round of trials with all the keepers.

Then I moved onto the A-line style. The dress was a lace top and a tulle bottom. I put it on but after trying on the trumpet, this one didn’t come close. It was pretty, but not for me. I wanted my shoulders to show more, it was neither too poofy nor fitted, it just didn’t feel right!

Then I moved on to the white lace sheath dress next. I liked this one! It did elongate me, something I was really looking for, it accentuated my waist, which was another plus, but for a wedding in India I felt it would be too plain. My friend’s comment was, “It’s pretty but your guests will look more dressed up than you!” So True!

Getting into the fitted sheath dress was hard. The dress was heavy, I mean really heavy! My first thought was, I have to be in this dress for about 12 hours, how on earth will I go to the bathroom! Then I looked at myself in the mirror. The dress gave me a tummy I barely had! I quickly realized that the weight of the dress on my tiny frame accentuated my every little flaw! Pass!

Think about what all you will do on your wedding day, will the dress you choose allow for it?

The last dress was the Grecian style. It took me all of 2 mins to put it on and take it off. Too plain and it made me look very columny.

I tried on the dress that I shortlisted again. I put on the veil to give the wedding touch. This time I went over what all I wish I could change in the dress. I wanted my Trumpet dress to be strapless, I wanted more of a sweat-heart neck and I wanted a longer train. Then I thought, I will get married once, I really don’t want to give up on so many of my wants!

Make a must have list for your dress, prioritize it and then use that to select or discard a dress from your shortlisted dresses!

The Back!
The A-Line Style from BHLDN
BHLDN Stone Belt
Gorgeous Back for a Petite Bride!
The Sheath and Column Style from BHLDN
The Back!
Fitted Sheath Style from BHLDN
Deep Back for a Petite Bride!
Sheath Style from BHLDN
Grecian Style Gown from BHLDN
The Back

I left BHLDN empty-handed but with a more focussed idea of my must haves! I was yet to try on a ballroom gown so that was going to be my next goal! But something was slowly dawning on me, my mum always customized whatever she made for me. What if I wanted pieces of different gowns? Could I settle with something where every detail wasn’t just what I wanted it to be? I needed to think about this and I needed to think hard!

Overall, the gowns at BHLDN were great! There is definitely something for everyone. The price range is really amazing too especially if you want to look chic but on a budget. They also had some lovely accessories, their veils were pretty and their toppers and capelets were honestly to die for! I would recommend this place even though I did not get my gown here.

Stay tuned to find out where I went next and which dress I SAID YES TO as a petite bride!

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