Brighten Up Your Day!

I love bright colors and this outfit definitely portrays them!

St. Patricks Day Outfit Fun

Chicago will turn green tomorrow, everything from the river to top of the Wrigley building! Here is my green outfit idea to join in the…

Anytime Look!

There are times when all you want to do is throw on a sweater, pull on a pair of jeans, wear your comfortable shoes and…

Dreaming of Green!

For some reason I am really obsessed with green at the moment. Maybe it’s because St. Patty’s is around the corner or perhaps I miss…

It’s in the Simplicity!

This time I wanted to keep the outfit simple, beautiful and elegant.

Whisky and Winter!

Loft and Ann Taylor had a sale recently and viola I have a new fabulous outfit for Fall!

A Sunny Disposition!

We were in Myrtle beach this past weekend and what a beautiful weekend it was!

Gorgeous Day in the Park!

Today was a perfect day in Chicago! I’m making the most of my pretty summer colors, skirts and sleeveless tops before I have to bundle…