Summer Fun!

I am a little sad that it’s already July, seems like summer will be over soon. I feel like I have so many summer clothes and not enough days to wear them all!

Banana Republic Cardigan

I love mixing colors ; a baby blue cardigan seemed to compliment these yellow shorts really well. This Loft top is very comfortable and lightweight, absolutely perfect for summer. The cut is very flattering too!

Loft Peplum Top
Loft Shorts
Loft Flats

I also picked out a pair of Loft ballet flats, they are comfortable, with a nice snake-skin print, and looked great on this outfit.

Summer Look!
IMG_0903 - Version 2
Loft Bracelet
The Look!
J.Crew Necklace

I am wearing a bright yellow J.Crew necklace and a Loft Bracelet to complete this sunny look! From a BBQ party to a day at the beach or for a walk in the park, this look is perfect!

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