Petite Styling Tips | How to Wear an Oversized Slouchy

Whenever I think about an oversized look I am always worried about how it will look on my tiny frame. I am short and thin, so it’s rather easy for my frame to get swallowed up whole with anything oversized. However, when Mint Julep boutique sent me their oversized slouchy I just had to try them. In doing so I came up with tips to wear this slouchy in a way that suited me. I hope they help you too 🙂

The Mint Julep Boutique Slouchy
The Mint Julep Boutique Slouchy

So let me start by saying that this slouchy is uber comfortable. The material is soft, the color is beautiful and it looks very chic. I was very excited when I received my slouchy and saw how cute it was. Thank you Mint Julep 🙂

Now lets looks at the tips for styling this slouchy.

Make it Obvious

If you decide to go in for an oversized look then make it obvious. The item that you pick must look obviously oversized. Having it be a little oversized might give the impression that you bought something that was a little to big for you and now you’re trying to make it work! Here the slouchy is clearly oversized and I love it!

Keep the Rest Fitted

Once you pick the oversized item, in my case this Mint Julep Slouchy, start selecting the remaining pieces for your look carefully. The remaining pieces in your look needs to be fitted. This part is key! Having the rest bet fitted ensures that you don’t let the outfit swallow you. I have pick a pair of black leggings and a pair of sleek boots! Also, having the shoes be close to the color of your pants really helps give your legs that much needed elongated effect.

Mint Julep Wine Slouchy
Mint Julep Wine Slouchy
Lovely Slouchy
Lovely Slouchy

Show Some Skin

Now for some small little details you need to pay attention to so that this look turns out just right. This tip might seem trivial but trust me it’s not. If the oversized item has long sleeves scrunch them up like I have. Or pick an oversized item with a deep or wide neck to show off you collar bones. It’s important to show some skin so that it doesn’t look like the slouchy has engulfed you. Showing some skin will prevent you from looking stunted too!

Define Your Waist

The last tip is especially necessary for thin girls. When you wear something oversized it does appear you are floating in it unless you do something to control all that extra material surrounding you. The best way to do that and look cute and chic is by using a nice fancy belt. Pick a belt and cinch your waist. This will give your tiny frame some shape and also elongate your legs. Now I know all my petite girls out there will agree that elongating our legs definitely makes us happy!

The Slouchy
The Slouchy

Now for the Mint Julep Boutique, if you like this slouchy then go on over to their store and get yourself one. They have some fabulous colors and the slouchy is currently on sale for only $24! Besides the slouchy, this boutique has some clothes and jewelry. So head on over an check it out! I hope you have some fun shopping for your own slouchy 🙂

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“This post is sponsored by the Mint Julep Boutique but all the opinions are mine”



  1. October 28, 2016 / 4:33 am

    Love this look! I like how you used the belt to accentuate the waistline and paired this look with a hat. Very casual chic 🙂


  2. October 30, 2016 / 1:02 pm

    I have that slouchy in tan! It’s super comfortable. I enjoy pairing it with boots and leggings to balance everything out.

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