Color Me Yellow!

It’s bright, sunny days with gorgeous blue skies that get me through the winter in Chicago! I picked an equally bright dress go to with…

Bacon and Sausage Frittata

Want to whip up a delicious sunday breakfast? Make this frittata, I promise it wont disappoint!

Lady in Ruby Red!

We went for The Sound of Music opera at the Lyric Opera House in Chicago! I needed a pretty outfit and went with my favorite…

Pull Your White Shorts Out!

“You’re wearing white shorts, it must be spring,” was how my doorman greeted me!

Playing with Colors!

This weekend was sunny with bright blue skies. I wanted an equally bright and cheerful outfit to match!

Embroidered Skirt – Part 3

This is the last look for one of my favorite skirts! This one is simple, casual and chic!

Color and Stripes!

I am really liking stripes this season. For this outfit I went with a striped top, brightly colored jeans and a scarf that had some…

Eggless Cheesecake

It was my friend’s birthday and she wanted cheesecake without egg. I searched everywhere to try to find one but sadly could not. So I…


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