Oscar Looks That Fell Flat!

The Oscars, a time to look fabulous and either make a fashion statement or be the footnote! I love most of these personalities for their work but I didn’t love their choice of fashion on this particular occasion.

Oscar Looks That Fell Flat!

Julia Roberts – The pretty woman herself did look pretty in her golden locks, but she would have been perfect had her Givenchy gown not had that lace piece stuck in her neckline!

Pharrell Williams – He is overdressed for the beach and truly not dressed up enough for a fine dining restaurant let alone the Oscars! Umm what were you thinking?

Emma Watson – Her Vera Wang gown though shimmery was a little boring. She went from my fav list at the Golden Globes to falling flat here! I wish she had taken a little more of a risk like she did when she dazzled in her red outfit at the Globes!

Lady Gaga – I guess I should give her props for looking like she is in fact from planet earth 🙂 But she still looked like R2D2 in blush pink! I still love her music though 😀

Naomi Watts – This gorgeous actress went Plain Jane with her dress 🙁 I did like her clutch though!

Julie Delpy – I wish her gown didn’t have that butterfly winged effect! The beading and the draped effect was nice but unfortunately the wings and color did her in!

Chrissy Teigen – I am not a huge fan of floral gowns. It might just be me, but I really wish this gown didn’t look like the cherry blossoms were floating around in the dark!

Kristin Chenoweth – She is such a beautiful girl and I honestly have a soft spot for her being petite myself, but I just couldn’t bring myself to liking this Roberto Cavalli gown. She looked like she was the oscar statuette herself!

Which look didn’t you particularly fall in love with?


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