New Look for the New Year

I decided I wanted a new look. I had no idea what I wanted and I was too chicken to do something too drastic! I was talking to my friend about this and she suggested I look at the Aveda website where I could try on different hairstyles and colors. It gave me the courage to do something a little drastic 🙂


I’ve wanted bangs for a long time and I’ve been given various reasons why I shouldn’t have them. I liked this look, I wanted it and I got it!


haircut4I get my hair done at Michael Anthony on Statehaircut5 Street. I showed them the picture from the Aveda website, said I wanted the color more brown than red and the exact same cut!


Here are the steps to styling it:

These products have become part of my daily routine now and I love them.


I love this new look, what do you think?

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