Let it Shine Like the Sun!

This is my second look with the Equipment blouse.

Equipment Blouse

Like I said earlier, this blouse is really easy to pair up and the result is chic work outfits! Here I have paired it up with a Loft skirt! The skirt brings in the fall colors through its beautiful crochet work. The skirt is fitted and comfortable. My only complaint with this skirt is that it’s a tad too narrow at the bottom so getting in and out of cars is hard! But other than that, I love it!

Loft Skirt
Ann Taylor Belt

I have added in the Ann Taylor belt for a little more definition and drama! I am carrying a J.Crew clutch. For work I would carry my Kate Spade neutral colored bag and carry the clutch for after work drinks!

J.Crew Clutch
J.Crew Necklace

This J.Crew necklace is probably one of the best ones I have for work! I love it! It’s classy, beautiful and best part is I can wear it as low or high up around my neck as I please! Not many necklaces have that option. I am also wearing a pair of J.Crew earrings.

J.Crew Earrings
Vera Wang Booties

These Vera Wang booties complete this look! This look can easily be worn in winter with a pair of tights.

Work Look!
Let it Shine!

Stay tuned for yet another look with this blouse!

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