How To Shop For Beach Essentials

Heading to the beach is one of the best things to do in the summer. The hot sand between your toes and the cool ocean water splashing along the horizon make for a beautiful day out. Deciding how to dress for the occasion and what you should actually take with you on these kind of trips will be a whole lot easier after casting your eyes over these tips and tricks.

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The first thing most people do when they reach the ocean is dive straight in. It’s important to have the right (secure) swimwear to avoid any wave-related mishaps and instead look like an extra from baywatch. Decide on how comfortable or fashionable you want to feel; would you prefer a two piece bikini or a whole swimming costume? If you want to hide a multitude of sins, try out a costume with tummy control or some extra frills and colors to distract the eye elsewhere. More money is being invested in swimwear design every summer fashion season, so be sure to visit a few stores to get more inspiration.


Covering Up

After splashing about in the water, you’re going to need to cover up before the sun begins to damage your now salty skin. There are some great flattering tunics for women available in so many styles that can keep you cool whilst adding an extra layer of defence against those harmful UV rays. Never head out without a good quality pair of sunglasses as those same rays can affect your sight after too much exposure. Think about investing in a hat of some sorts to keep your head cool and avoid developing sun stroke, which could ruin your whole trip.


Oils and Lotions

If you plan to bathe in the heat for a few hours, it’s vitally important to make steps to protect yourself by using a sun block lotion of some kind. Top up regularly, especially after going into the water as the salt is an abrasive and will simply wash it all away. Don’t forget to apply an after sun moisturizer after showering, and repeat for a few days. Topping up the skin’s moisture levels after prolonged exposure to the sun means your body’s cells will be able to repair at a faster rate, and preserve that precious golden tan.


Beach Bag

Having something to carry and protect everything listed above is essential. There’s nothing worse than bringing half of the beach home with you, so avoid sandy situations by ensuring your bag seals tightly shut, or can easily be turned inside out and emptied. Several different compartments mean you can store any liquids upright and stop leaks, and keep any food separate from the rest of your belongings.


Spending the day at the beach is such great fun, and it can be made even more stress free and relaxing if you plan ahead and prepare the essentials. Grab your towel and get outside to enjoy the sunshine before the rain comes pouring in!



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