Gifting The Ideal Accessories

Accessories can be a super personal thing. They can give a little glimpse into a person’s personality, what they like, and even a little bit about their background. They can change the whole style and look at any outfit. Some people enjoy delicate stackable rings, and others want to have bold chunky, colorful jewelry.


But when it comes to giving the ideal piece of jewelry, or the perfect accessory, do you want to get it the right first time? Yes! 


So here are a couple considerations before you make the purchase.

Photo by Danielle Gehler on Unsplash


Some skin tones make some styles and color of jewelry absolutely POP. Of course, there are no rules, and you should wear what you like and what makes you feel good all the time. 


However, when you want to get something that complements your recipient, try and factor in their skin tone and even undertone. Warm skin tones look absolutely stunning with gold, and bright, bold colors. Very pale skin tones often work better with silver and platinum tones. Rose gold, blacks, and coppers can work with absolutely any skin tone, but most people do have a preference. 


So start to pay attention to what your intended recipient is wearing the most often.

Not High Street

The high street can actually be fantastic for a vast range of accessories, and often very budget-friendly. But if you’re buying for a special occasion, it might be time to ditch the high street and get something handmade. You have the option of getting loose diamonds, and having them placed in the perfect necklace or a ring. Pinterest can be a huge source of inspiration for unique designs for jewelry, and the more inspiration you have the better.


And is worth remembering that no matter where you choose to have your jewelry created, almost all jewelers will be able to resize it if it doesn’t work out. So even if you happen to be a few millimeters out, Try not to worry too much, it can be fixed with ease.


If your intended giftee never wears earrings or bracelets, then this might be an indicator that it doesn’t really fit with their style. Some people enjoy wearing big, bold, and bright accessories all the time. So if you buy them something understated it might not really fit with who they are. 


Try to remember who you are buying for rather than buying something that you would like to see them in. This is the most likely way that you give them something that they will love.


Often when we start to buy a gift, we get carried away in all of the beautiful things that we want to give our friends and family. And sometimes we actually forget what they would wear or appreciate the most.


If you’re not confident that you can get it right, simply ask other friends and family, the more opinions you have, the better chance you are going to get something that they absolutely love.


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