Five Ways To Upgrade Your Child’s Bedroom

Children grow and change so quickly, so it makes sense that when you started their bedroom you chose neutral colours and easy furniture to get on with. As they grow and their individuality shines through, their tastes and ability to be vocal about those tastes change, too. It’s your job, then, to ensure that their bedroom reflects their personality in the best possible way and you can do that with careful design! You can’t change their room every time they have a new favourite colour or TV personality, but you can upgrade it subtly to grow with them. 


If you try to change too much at once every time they have a new idea, you’re going to end up spending thousands on new rooms. So, how can you upgrade your child’s bedroom without breaking the bank or pulling your hair out? Let’s take a look at five options that make sense!

Five Ways To Upgrade Your Child's Bedroom
Five Ways To Upgrade Your Child’s Bedroom Image Source

Go For The Main Attraction. You may have a feature wall in your lounge or entrance hall for you, but children need their own version in their bedroom. It doesn’t have to be filled with live-laugh-love quotes, but it does need to reflect your child and their personality. Think about putting together some of their drawings and favourite character pictures into a feature wall. You could even transform the space with chalk drawings and chalk paint to make it look fantastic, with decor you can change as you please. Chalk may not be your child’s thing, but you could get wallpaper and make a wall that stands out as well as three other neutral colour walls to enhance the look of the room.

Wall Stickers. Children love to change themes where they can, and the easiest way to do it without having to constantly redo the theme is to add wall stickers. With one movement, you can change the wall stickers to the character or colours that they like. They won’t ruin the paint and you can change them as their interests change!

New Fixtures. As children grow, you can upgrade the fixtures and furniture of their room with minimal effort. A new ceiling fan from Modern Fan Outlet can change the whole look of the room! Add in built-in homework centers as they get older and swap a low sleeper bed for a high one – perhaps even bunk beds! For a little girl who is turning into a sassy teenager, you could go for a built-in wardrobe with shelves from floor to ceiling. Clothing space and a dressing table is bound to impress, so get your DIY skills sharpened for a successful change of pace.

Don’t Forget Lighting. The smallest changes to lighting in the bedroom your child sleeps in can make a massive difference. Swapping the usual shades for something more open and brighter can transform their bedroom and make the room more functional, too. Not only will you all see better in there, but it’s a nice way to enhance the room and make it look wonderful. Think about adding in new lighting as well as what’s there, with fairy lights and lamps able to give the room a little more ambience. You could also put the lighting on a timer for the older kids, so that the lights go out at the time you want them to!

New Paint. A new paint job can make all the difference to a room space. You can add some flair with glow in the dark painted stars on the ceiling, adding a touch of magic to their bedroom that you really can’t buy elsewhere. There are plenty of templates you can buy to change up the paint in the room, so even if you don’t go for glow in the dark as an option, there are plenty of other ways to decorate your child’s bedroom. Paint can always change a look pretty quickly, and it makes for an excellent tool for upgrading.

Giving your child’s room a makeover is just as much fun when you invite your children to be a part of it. Open the room and see all of the possibilities when you walk in the door and get the best advice that you can about furniture, colours, themes and fixtures. Take time on this; your child’s room needs to be beautiful and functional at the same time. There are so many ideas out there, but be as original and unique as you can and you’ll be able to enjoy the fact that your child’s bedroom as much as they will.


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