Embroidered Skirt – Part 3

This is the last look for one of my favorite skirts! This one is simple, casual and chic!

J.Crew Orange Blouse

I am wearing a cotton blouse from J.Crew that I have tied in the front. You could tie it tighter for a proper crop look. I have chosen to wear it without baring my midriff 🙂

Francesca’s Embroidered Mini Skirt


Straw Crossbody Bag

I am wearing a pair of ballet flats from Loft and carrying a crossbody straw bag for a sunny weather look. I am also wearing a gold bangle from Loft.

Loft Bracelet

The hair trends this season are braids and low tied ponytails, I have played with those two styles and done a side ponytail with a little detail!

I first tied my hair into a side ponytail. Then I tied another hair band about 2 inches below the ponytail tie. Now part the hair only slightly between the two ties and push the bottom half of the ponytail through it and pull it down. You can repeat this by adding more bands to your ponytail and just working your way down. I have done it twice to my ponytail as in the picture.

Hair Style
Loft Ballet Flats

This is such an easy everyday look! What do you think?

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