Double Checking Your Home Is Ready For A New Baby

If you’ve got a baby on the way, or you’re currently sitting with your newborn in your arms, peacefully asleep, or even if you know someone who’s about to be a mom, it’s a good time to run through a mental checklist of what’s going on in your/their home. Because when there’s a new life that you need to settle in, you need to be sure their home environment is ready for everything that a newborn can throw at you!

But you don’t have to do this alone; there’s a little checklist to help guide you through it below. So, give them a read through – hopefully they can go a little way to making this next step in life a lot less scary and much more approachable. 

Double Checking Your Home Is Ready For A New Baby
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Make Sure You Have the Right Furniture

The furniture a new baby needs isn’t much; just a cot, a carry seat, and a changing mat is good for them. However, you’re going to have to make some general changes to your home’s furniture layout thanks to the new addition to the family. 

For example, make sure the laundry basket you use is big enough to cope with the load a baby can produce even in just one day – going for a double capacity one is a good shout! And then comes arranging your food cupboards and your fridge; baby is going to be on a very specialized diet for a good few months, so it’s worth it to invest in some cabinet and fridge baskets/sorters just to keep all of their food items neat and safe. 


Make Sure Things are Truly Clean

Is your home as clean as you think it is? You’ve done all your usual chores, yes, but there are a few other jobs that’ll need seeing to. Invest in some antibacterial wipes and give everything another rub down! 

Indeed, you’ll also need to make sure the systems your home runs on are clean as well. For example, you’ll need to make sure the Air Conditioning in your home is up to standard, and don’t be afraid to call out an emergency ac repair company just to check! 


Make Sure You Know What to Expect

And finally, are you sure you know what to expect? Of course, you’ve been reading all the parenting books and you’ve been practicing for labor, and you’re ecstatic to be a parent and feel like you can take on the world. But when baby does actually arrive, are you sure you’re ready for all the mess and noise they can create?

Every baby is different, and if you’ve had a kid before who was as peaceful as a lamb, this one could be the exact opposite! Make sure you keep this in mind ahead of time, so you’re not tearing your hair out over how they could be so different from their sibling later on. 

If there’s going to be a new baby in the house, double check your preparedness! 


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