Designing The Child’s Room For Function And Style

Designing kids’ rooms is exciting for them more so than for the parents. Sometimes, you may feel as if your budget just won’t allow for anything. However, there are ways to match your vision to your budget. So whilst you want to keep things in order, it is also important not to compromise on the “important” things for the room. The pieces of furniture that will be used by the child for several years or that are essential for their development.

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Plan what the space will look like

Quite a few parents go on hasty shopping trips, returning with baskets full of goodies – but find that they have been tempted to purchase items that do not necessarily fit the size of the space available to them. To avoid this, it is important to plan in advance what the space will look like, such as the furniture, textile accessories, and the various design elements. You must also think about the necessary practical objects. You must firstly measure up all spaces. This way not only will you avoid unnecessary purchases, but it will also be easier for you to design the room according to the initial design. You can use the space to the best of its ability and not compromise on playing areas. 

Choose furniture that suits their development and personal needs

When we design a child’s room, our thoughts should be in the planning of several years ahead. After all, we do not want to have to redesign every year or two. Therefore it is important to consider two key elements in planning: development-compatible objects and personal needs-compliant objects. A desk that is suitable for a child in kindergarten may also last until their early school years.  Today there are a variety of particularly convenient options.


For example, if there is currently one child in the room but you design the room for two children in the future, you can purchase a pull-out bed or a bunk bed. If the toddler is still sleeping in a crib but is not far from using a larger bed, you can look at children’s beds from Cuckooland to find the exact right fit. 

Choose a harmonious color palette

Start by choosing a color palette that suits your child well – let them choose what they like. Within reason, of course! In choosing the winning shades – the sky’s the limit, and their personal taste is the determining factor. For example, you can choose neutral monochromatic colors, such as a combination of gray-white-black or pastel shades. They may want one specific wall bright orange or lemon yellow. It is good to compromise. You can also use a feature wall and have one wall covered in wallpaper. This could be animal print or flowers or a themed print from their favourite TV show.  You may want to choose a pattern that will blend harmoniously into the space.

Storage spaces

From clothes for summer, winter and everything in between, through a variety of toys and ending with many books and board games, it is essential that you have storage space. As many parents will attest – all of these objects have a tendency to spread their wings and fly around the room, and almost always land in a random place. Think of the best storage element when planning. This does not mean that the room will become a warehouse with countless drawers and doors, on the contrary, today there are smart, elegant and even aesthetic solutions that will keep children’s belongings in a safe place. For example, you can choose a bed with built-in storage compartments or separate storage drawers and the like.

Add design elements

Combining pillows in different shapes or with prints of favorite characters can add a lot of color to the space, adding pictures of different sizes with interesting frames will add a lot of interest in the room. Hanging shelves will add to the design harmony, as you can place different decorative items or books on them. Also luxurious hammocks, soft and pleasant lighting, a rug that will complete the entire design and a variety of other designed elements that will make the space a fun place to be. Afterall, it is a place that they can be inspired and spend countless hours playing in. If it is not “fun” (yet practical), then they will probably want to play elsewhere. 


So whether you are wanting a full redesign, or a spruce up – think practical yet aesthetic and you won’t go far wrong! It’s time to get decorating! 


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