Blue Jacquard Skirt!

It has been far too cold this winter to venture out to too many places other than work! So most of my dress up days…

Spring time!

In my mind it’s spring! Snow, cold and Chiberia, I am over you! Spring time! by audrey-conceicao featuring satchel handbags

Embroidered Jacket!

Having a beautiful jacket in Chicago is so essential with our short-lived summers!

The Stylings of a Blue Dress – Part 3

Being able to squeeze so many looks out of one piece is always awesome!

All Bundled Up!

Chicago has had a pretty rough winter so far and more fluffy stuff is on its way!

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, still wondering what to get her? Here are some ideas from me to you!   Valentine’s Day! by audrey-conceicao…

Beach Style – Wishing for Warm Weather!

It’s miserable in Chicago right now and all I want is for it to be 80F and sunny! I want to be strolling on a…

The Stylings of a Blue Dress – Part 2

Lets talk about a chic, colorful day look with my favorite blue dress!