Beauty Tips for Lips

Your lips will help enhance the beauty of your face, as long as they are looking good and are not rough or sore. Pollution means that our lips are more likely to suffer and you need to take more care of them than women did just a few generations ago.

The problem is made worse because many beauty products in use have harsh chemicals in them. You may think they are the ideal things to help your lips when in the long run they are doing them more harm. It is a bit of a vicious circle that you need to break if you want your lips to always look and feel as good as they should.

Beauty Tips for Lips
Beauty Tips for Lips

Use Good Quality Lipsticks

Lipsticks are made from wax, pigments, fragrance oils, and alcohol. Some of the poor quality versions also have chemicals in them that are bad for your lips. It is important to use the more naturally made ones that avoid using these chemicals. There is a great range to choose from, including satin lipstick and lip glosses in a huge variety of different colors. It is best to use lipsticks only when you need to. For instance, do not put it on automatically each morning if you know you will not be going out that day.


Stay Hydrated

Our body is between 50% and 60% water, and if that level starts to drop dehydration sets in. One of the first places it shows is in your skin, especially your lips. Your lips are not equipped to deal with this and the effects will show worse on them than anywhere else. They will start to lose their color and fullness very quickly if you do not drink plenty of water. Aim to have at least eight glasses a day to help keep your body hydrated.

Staying hydrated is something everyone should aim to do as it is good for our general health, not just our lips and skin.


Avoid Licking or Biting Your Lips

Licking your lips in an attempt to keep them moist will have the opposite effect. Saliva dry’s them out and can also lead to their color darkening. Biting your lips is bad for them too, and can damage them more than you may realize. For some people, licking and biting their lips is something they do when they are stressed or anxious, but you should avoid both of these things if you want your lips to be beautiful.


Exfoliate Your Lips At Least Once A Week

Our skin, including our lips, is constantly replacing dead cells with new and smoother ones. This is great but if all the dead skin cells are not removed from your lips they will start to look dull.

Make your own lip scrub from sugar and olive oil and gently rub in small circles all over your lips. Do not pull at any loose pieces of skin, that may make your lips sore and bleed. Instead, just keep exfoliating till it is all removed, but be careful not to overdo it.

When you have rinsed the mixture away, apply some healing lip butter or a lip moisturizer.

Exfoliate Your Lips
Exfoliate Your Lips (Image source)

Get Rid Of Cold Sores

About 90% of people in the world have the herpes simplex virus type 1 dormant in their bodies, and this is the cause of cold sores. When they are exposed to the sun, or you get stressed out they will appear as sores on your lips. Use a lemon based ointment or cream to dispose of them quickly.


Homemade Lips Treatments

You do not have to spend a lot of money to take good care of your lips. Here are just three of the many homemade creations that will help to keep your lips looks their best.

  • If your lips are becoming dry and chapped, mix some Vaseline with olive oil and apply 3 or 4 times a day.
  • Mix almond oil with some honey for an overnight treatment for your lips and you will awaken to them being smooth and supple.
  • Glycerin and lime juice mixed together and applied each night will lighten the color of your lips.


Beauty Tips for Lips
Beauty Tips for Lips (Image source)

Protect Your Lips From The Sun

You need to protect your lips from the harsh rays of the sun. The UV can damage your lips as much as it can the rest of your skin. If you need to go out when the sun is shining, use lip products that contain SPF to protect them from harm.

Your lips are a very important feature of your face, and it is crucial that you take care of them at all times.



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