4 Fashion Missteps Petite Women Do Well To Avoid

The world of fashion is slowly but surely changing for the better. Fashion brands are coming to the dawning realization that not all of their consumers are 5’10” with a 24” waist. We’re increasingly finding mainstream outlets making concessions for petite women, curvy women, petite curvy women and women of all shapes and sizes. Nonetheless, dressing well still represents challenges for petite women who are 5’3” or under. From making clothing choices which lengthen the leg to preventing your clothes from wearing you the petite woman’s wardrobe tends to be a little more strategic than the average gal’s.

Nonetheless, in our zeal we can find ourselves getting it wrong from time to time. Here are some commonly made fashion faux pas that smaller women of all shapes would do well to avoid…


Forever 21 Flounce Skirt and J.Crew Fitted Tee
Forever 21 Flounce Skirt and J.Crew Fitted Tee

Copying what you see in fashion magazines and websites verbatim

So you saw Cara Delevigne or Jamie Genevieve wearing something superhumanly cute in a fashion magazine or website? You may want to be able to perfectly replicate that look… But for most petite girls a little adaptation can go a long way to adapting the looks of fashion models and influencers to your more modest chassis.

As irresistible as some of these looks may be, the same outfit is going to look totally different on a girl who’s 5’8” than it will ion a girl who’s 5’1”. Plus, let’s not forget that the images you see will likely have been touched up and edited beyond all recognition by the time they reach your eyes. Even more diminutive influencers can seem to make looks work that shouldn’t be possible on a smaller frame. Not sure whether that’s through digital trickery or just because they happen to have perfect proportions.

Fitted Jeans and Sleek Blazer
Fitted Jeans and Sleek Blazer

Think twice before oversizing your accessories

This isn’t a hard and fast rule. After all, tiny Ariana Grande manages to make great big hoop earrings work with aplomb. Nonetheless, petite girls should tread carefully when oversizing their accessories. Sometimes it can work… Other times the accessories can wind up wearing her! Take a look at www.adinasjewels.com/. There are some cool necklaces of all shapes and sizes which should work well with virtually any shape, size or frame. Sometimes attitude makes all the difference.


Going baggy on the bottom

Anyone else a little tired of skinny jeans? You may be tempted by the baggier boyfriend variety of denim but these can drown diminutive girls. If a fit is too relaxed it can make her legs look like two blue marshmallows. By all means try and find denim with a more relaxed fit but getting it right can take a little trial and error.


No tea no shade

Many petite women (like women of all shapes and sizes) like to wear cute things… Unfortunately, tea length dresses and skirts are rarely a good look on a shorter leg. Rather than lengthening and flattering the leg they can tend to cut it off just above the ankle thereby making the rest of her proportions all wrong.

Steer clear of these commonly made missteps and you’ll regularly rock outfits that flatter your size.


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