4 Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Porch

You don’t have to organize a whole renovation to transform your front porch. There are many creative ways you can spruce up your front porch on a budget. 

Your front porch is the first thing anyone sees when they visit your home, and first impressions count. So whether you are looking to impress your mother-in-law on her next visit, or make space for a little adult chilling away from the kids, here are 4 ways you can transform your porch! 

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#1 A wooden swing 

Upgrade standard seating to a wooden swing. This inexpensive addition can be made and painted from scrap wood or bought from a local craft store. A wooden swing can transform your front porch while giving it a unique touch. For extra oomph, add some colored throw pillows on the swing too! Swings are great for relaxing with friends with a glass of wine in hand or reading your book on a sunny afternoon. 

If you have more space, then why not add a small table (that you can also make from pallets or scrap wood) and a couple of static chairs. This can transform your porch into a cozy chill area for the adults to hang out. 

Making things yourself can be a great way to get your hands dirty, but also create the trending rustic vibe, right on your doorstep! 

#2 Porch lights 

Hanging fairy lights on your porch is a simple, yet effective idea to enjoy a cozy night out front with a cup of cocoa. To pick the best hanging porch lights, they need to blend well with the rest of the decor. Choose from large or small lights, white or multicolored, or even opt for some funky shapes. This can be hung over the wooden frame, across any seating, or draped along the wall. It all depends on what your goals are and what ambiance you want to create with your porch. 

#3 Hanging plants 

Hanging plants brings the greatness of nature, without taking up too much space. Porch space can be quite limited, so rather than having multiple pots on the floor, you can invest in hanging baskets, little wall planters, or even shelves, which can do the trick! Add a couple to brighten up your porch, or create an entire wall of plants. Plants are a great way to liven the mood and promote wellbeing.

#4 Paint

Often overlooked, adding a lick of paint can be the quickest, cheapest and simplest way to spruce up your front porch. Whether you choose to freshen up the colours you already have, or opt for something completely new and bold, it has the power to transform the way it feels. Fresh paint makes any front porch feel clean and new, while also creating a cozy corner for you to relax in. 

There are many fun and creative ways to spruce up your porch, without breaking the bank. Whether you wish to use it to host a drink with friends or create a cozy nook to read a book, the possibilities are endless! 


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