Tips To Create A Wardrobe You Can’t Wait To Open

How can I turn my wardrobe into a fun and happy closet? A closet that I want to get up in the morning and open, a closet that already expresses my loves? So here are five winning tips:

Tips To Create A Wardrobe You Can't Wait To Open
Tips To Create A Wardrobe You Can’t Wait To Open

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Favorite fragrances

Between the clothes, the various shelves on an inner hanging hook, hanger, or in a drawer,  decorate the closet with soaps, good smells. Scented soaps that you love and that do you good. So easy and simple to implement, so that already, your closet will become a great place for you.

Happy hangers

With a minimum of effort, you can transform the look of the closet – from a collection of hangers that you received from various stores, in inheritances and more – to a uniform and harmonious collection of hangers that you love and connect to. Because the hangers also deserve some style! When the clothes in your closet hang on uniform hangers the look of the closet will change miraculously. Uniformity is able to change what you see when you open the closet, what is left for you is to decide which hangers you like and in what color you want them. Attitude to harmony is one of the secrets of styling. A harmonious and pleasing to the eye look is what gives the overall sense of beauty we want to have when we go to the closet in the morning and evening. 

Laundry made easier 

The tip is this: wash on an automatic, without thinking, in the evening. And all that requires thinking and energies in the morning. Because insert a machine-dryer-hang. These are not things that require thought or creativity. Washing on an automatic while making a light phone call is a great time to sort machines  and colors. When you wash on an automatic you enter the loop. It is a regular time every evening. Which ends in minutes, and when the laundry is ready and efficient your closet also looks accordingly. 

The wardrobe is a dynamic thing. And once the closet spaces – the shelves and drawers are utilized, and you continue to purchase clothes and fill it from time to time – it’s a recipe for clutter. When all the good and right clothes stand out and pop up in front of your eyes from the shelves, you will be free to take advantage of your treasures, without unnecessary searches. Accessibility, that’s the whole secret. If you need to buy things on a budget, look for fun coupons to make life easier. 


Making a checklist for a closet is like making a shopping list for a writer but with a twist. Clothes are something completely different from a grocery list yet it has a lot of more than just groceries for the closet. Personal statement, style, bouncy combinations, complementary items, are what make the whole idea much more important than any other list. It’s time to be you!

The whole idea in this checklist is to focus and adjust to the goal – to be in focus, in awareness, in control. When you look at a checklist that you have hung in a room in the closet, in a diary, in a private bulletin board or in your WhatsApp group with yourself, you are in a position of choice. Choosing what to buy this month, and what to prioritize. 


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