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Petite Fashion Blogger and Foodie
Petite Fashion Blogger and Foodie

Petite Fashion Blogger

I’m Audrey Conceicao. My passion is fashion, petite fashion to be exact! I am an IT professional by day and a petite fashion blogger and shopaholic by night (and all the time really!). I have lived in four countries and three continents but I split home between Chicago and Goa.

Shopping de-stresses me and I love the thrill of finding a good deal.  Being the very opinionated person I am, I’ve always felt the need to comment on the fashion around me. My friend suggested I start a style blog, I thought about it and decided why not! My style simply put is ‘classic meets color’. I love my pops of color with an Audrey Hepburn flair to my style.

Pulling together a look is easy, making it work for petite fashion lovers is a whole new ball game! So being the petite girl that I am I started this blog to share my style tips and tricks with the world! This petite fashion blog is dedicated to all the 5ft nothings out there! This petite fashionista is here for you <3


My next love is cooking and of course eating. Finding a way to someones heart through their stomach is awesome! Cooking is an expression of you very much like fashion! You shop for ingredients, put them together and make something amazing. The big difference is that this one benefits your taste buds! If I don’t have time to cook yelp is my best friend! I love finding a new hip restaurant to check out 🙂 Different cuisines, different places and different ambiences, I want to try it all at least once!

I hope you enjoy reading my life diary, a true expression of myself through petite fashion and food!


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