Perfect Bridal Makeup!

I have never had my makeup professionally done! Ha! So when we set our date for the civil ceremony I really wanted to find a make-up artist that was not too expensive, would keep my look more natural and someone that could suggest what would look good on me!


I went through all the google listings I could find in Chicago for a Salon that could do my hair and makeup. There was one catch, not a single one was open at 8am! So I went onto yelp. There was one that caught my eye – Lisa Pizzello. She had almost every reviewer give her 5 stars! I was intrigued enough to give her a call. She was extremely friendly to talk to and told me that any time that worked for me worked for her!

Light Contouring

She told me to come in with a clean moisturized face and to bring my dress. On Saturday morning when I headed over to her apartment to get my makeup done I was a little nervous. But once I met her I immediately felt myself trusting her! Her daughter graduated from beauty school and she was going to do my hair. I had a couple of pics but I was confused about wearing my hair up or down! She suggested that I should wear my hair down.

My Pinterest board definitely shows you the look I was going for.

Natural look with a nude lip and curls!

She took about 1 hour to curl my poker straight hair. I have hair that can barely hold a curl for more than a couple of hours! But I have to say that these curls didn’t hold for 24 hours but more like 48 hours! She didn’t even use too much hairspray, I could still feel my original hair texture!

Now for the makeup. After looking at my Pinterest board and me telling her my fiancé didn’t like me wearing too much makeup, she suggested she would do a light smoky eye with an almost nude lip.

Light smoke eye with lashes

She airbrushed my face and did a little light contouring using a highlighter from The Balm in Mary-Lou Manizer. I have fairly dark lips and was apprehensive about the nude lip actually being nude! But guess what, she nailed it! She used a combination of Mineral Fusion lip liner in Graceful and filled it in with a MAC lip pencil called Little Tease. She did my eyes with the smoky look I so wanted! After she finished my makeup she asked me to have a look and said I could go heavier if I wanted to. But when I looked, it was perfect, I didn’t change a thing!

The makeup lasted all day. I switched to a red lip at night and let my curls loose!

My hair and make-up took about 2 hours. It was perfect and the service was amazing! I was pleasantly surprised with the cost as well. I would highly recommend them if you need your hair and makeup done in Chicago!

To see some more of her looks follow her on Instagram – _beautycrew

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