Petite Girl Romper Styling Tips

I’m going to be honest, I love rompers! But if I’m being completely truthful I used find them really hard to style. So I’ve done…

A Gradual Fall Transition

The gradual fall transition is a really great way to start slowly building your fall wardrobe while still using your summer wardrobe. Fall Transition I…

Fashion vs Comfort – What Would You Choose?

Fashion vs comfort, what would you choose and why? I was thinking about this the last couple of days and my answer is very true…

Summer Dress Essentials

A Summer Dress is honestly not that hard to pick. But what if you are shopping online or are in a hurry and just want…

Weekend Styling Formula 

What’s your favorite weekend look? Have you ever thought about those ‘go to’ pieces every Saturday or Sunday you just can’t live without? Here are…

Nordstrom Sale Summer Wedding Under $100

The Nordstrom #Nsale is opening to the public tomorrow! Make sure you make your lists and know exactly what you want 🙂 To help you,…

Summer Styling Tips

Every season has its trends, styles that become ubiquitous! They are so cute you can’t help but try them out. Here are some of my…

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

One of the best sales on the year is about to start – The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Nordstrom Sale by audrey-conceicao  Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early…


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