Animal Print!

I never had the courage to wear an animal print dress, but I finally did it for my friend’s birthday!

The Christmas Dance

A Christmas tradition in Goa is ballroom dancing. All my friends and I go to this after midnight mass. The dance starts around 1am and…

Being Touristy!

My family took Jeremy and I to visit Old Goa. Being touristy for a day called for comfy clothes, a bag big enough to carry…

Mama-Made Dress!

Two of my very good friends were getting married and I just could not find a dress I liked. My mum makes clothes and so…

Christmas Lunch

Christmas lunch at my grandma’s house has been a tradition in the family ever since I can remember. The sunny, warm and breezy weather coupled…

Summer Dress in Goa Winter!

I am on vacation in Goa over the holidays. I don’t miss the snow and I am really enjoying not having to wear a winter…

New Look for the New Year

I decided I wanted a new look. I had no idea what I wanted and I was too chicken to do something too drastic! I…

Holiday Dress

Its snowing outside, the Christmas decorations are up and it’s time for the holiday parties to begin! I love this time of the year with…


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