Oscar Looks to Die For!

I love the awards season, the dresses, suits and star factor is to die for! Here are my favs from this years Oscars.  Oscar looks…

Fine Dining in NOLA

There were so many amazing restaurants to choose from in the NOLA French Quarter. Most of the good ones were fine dining, so I am glad…

Spring Colors!

We were in New Orleans this past weekend and the weather was beautiful. I could wear my spring wardrobe and I was ecstatic!

Orzo with Mushrooms and Spinach

I honestly didn’t know what orzo was until I saw some recipes on Food.com. The feta and spinach orzo recipe inspired this dish. I liked…

Snow and Wine!

The winter does go well with red wine! So I decided to use that inspiration for this work look!

Blue Jacquard Skirt!

It has been far too cold this winter to venture out to too many places other than work! So most of my dress up days…

Spring time!

In my mind it’s spring! Snow, cold and Chiberia, I am over you! Spring time! by audrey-conceicao featuring satchel handbags

Embroidered Jacket!

Having a beautiful jacket in Chicago is so essential with our short-lived summers!