How to Dress up for the Derby

The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow and I was pondering what would make a perfect outfit and so here are some ideas.

Kendra Scott Earrings

The weather is lovely and filled with sunshine (or it seems like that today)! If you will be out and about perhaps keep that in mind when you pick your outfit ladies!

For your dress, which I would really recommend, pick out a lovely floral print or perhaps some polka dots and choose a nice light fabric like cotton or silk. You want to go for a chic summer look. Make sure the dress is a nice length; not too skimpy and definitely not floor length. I picked a sheath dress from SheIn.

If you really want to wear pants, you definitely could. I would opt in for a pair of flowy pants, a pair of white culottes would be great! Pick a nice floral top and you would have a lovely look!

Denims or a ton of sequins is a big no-no. Stay away from it! No shorts either.

Pick a pretty pair of shoes, something that is comfortable to stand in and watch. You are going to see the races after all 🙂 Perhaps a little kitten heel or a pair of wedges if you want the slight boost in height! You could also opt in for a pair of lace up ballet flats. Either way, carry a pair of no nonsense flats as back up! I am wearing a comfortable and chic pair of peep toes from Enzo Angiolini.

Now for my most favorite part, the accessories! Hats, hats, hats, yes please! Go get yourself a cute hat. Something with some floral or feather detail would look great! Remember, bigger hats tend to make you look slimmer and they also help with sun protection 🙂 I am wearing a J.Crew hat.

I would also go for a pretty necklace (not a statement one since your hat is your statement piece) and pair of earrings depending on the type of dress you choose. Something elegant but not over the top! I picked only a pair of lovely Kendra Scott earrings. Be sure to carry a small little daytime bag so you can carry your touch up lipstick! Oh and don’t forget your favorite pair of sunglasses! I am carry my Marc Jacobs crossbody for exactly that reason and wearing a pair of sunglasses from Marc Jacobs as well! I have also thrown in a bangle from Francesca’s and a ring from Gorjana!

J.Crew Hat
Marc Jacobs Bag
Marc Jacobs Sunglasses
SheIn Printed Sheath Dress

This derby look would be great for a brunch under the sun as well!

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