Fall Wedding!

Our friends got married this past weekend in beautiful Myrtle Beach. It was a gorgeous wedding and everything was just perfect!

Anthropologie Jeweled Convertible Dress

The week before the wedding I realized I needed a dress, no points for guessing where I went to get one – Anthropologie! I found this beautiful blue dress, it was my size and it was on sale. I felt like I hit the jackpot!

Close-Up of the Front and Back!

I absolutely loved this piece, it fit well, the jeweled crop top over the dress was absolutely stunning and completed the dress really nicely. The crop top is removable and so are the straps of the dress. So you get at least three looks out of one dress!

Michael Kors Purse

I paired the dress with my Vera Wang booties and a Michael Kors wristlet.

Vera Wang Booties
Marc Jacobs Watch
Fall Wedding Look!
The Gorgeous Back!
Another Look!

I put together two more looks for this dress. One of them is for work and another for a warm weather event.

Summer Wedding Look

Summer Wedding Look by audrey-conceicao featuring a gold handbag

Go out and buy this dress before its sold out, I promise you won’t regret it!

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