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Sometimes the Accessories Make All the Difference

I walked into J.Crew a few weeks ago and its summer collection was on sale. The item I scored needed nothing but a revolving set of accessories!

J.Crew Sheath Dress
J.Crew Sheath Dress

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Music Festival Style

The season for all the music festivals is surely here. I mean, isn’t you Instagram, Twitter and social media in general just blowing up with so many chic outfits, hair dos and accessories of what to wear and what not to wear to a festival?

Amrita Singh Necklace

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Spring Time in Chicago

When your birthday is in April, you are really looking forward to Spring! The beautiful flowers, the sunny days and the gorgeous lake reflecting those golden beams! But this year Chicago gifted me snow, ice and some sun! So I dressed warm, but with some springy colors 🙂

J.Crew Dress
J.Crew Dress

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